Do the dog!

It’s the opposite of what I’m doing these days… I’m working hard!

But today I want to show you the portrait of a mixed breed dog. His name is Eto’o.


Song:  Do the dog (Syko and the Caribs) <—– Today it’s bluebeat time!

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  1. Thaís Suzin

    Hi, Joan.
    There’s a long time that I look the news on .
    Was there that I first saw your job. And now I’m addicted in your photos! Your collection “Sweet World” contain the most beautifull photos that I ever seen! You are a big artist and I admire you a lot.

    Kisses from your fan from Brasil,

  2. NINth

    Nice shot!

  3. Joan Vicent

    Thank you very much for your comments Thaís and NINth and welcome to the blog!! I hope we will meet here again!

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