Sixty style. Portrait.

This is another portrait of the sixty people I’m doing these days.


Song:  Moon river (Greyhound) <—- I know, I know, it’s a cover and the Andy Williams’ voice is more beautiful, but this is absolutely fantastic! This song is dedicated to Doublecloth for the Tiffany’s reminiscences and the problems with squares, lines and diamond forms.

4 Thoughts on “Sixty style. Portrait.

  1. Gracias!!! jaja, no me acordaba yo ya que tenemos un problemilla que resolver jeje. Pensaré el ello, persaré en ello jeje. Un beso (genial foto, of course)

  2. Magnific!, es el resultat d’un gran profesional i artista, un gran equip, un gran “model” i sobretot una gran inspiracio conjunta!!! jajaja

    Els Seixanta tornen ! Mes elegants i mecanics que mai! Gracies Joan i Ester Per una meravellosa sesio! Tinc delit per repetir !

  3. firm on July 24, 2008 at 3:39 pm said:

    molt bon treball,bon model i bona roba elegant

  4. M’encanta. No hi ha res més a dir. Aquesta i les nostres. Estic ansiosa per veure com van sortint les proximes.

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