Petit Chef

Today, I have done a casting of chefs to do the catering for me and my assistants. We’re so lazy for cook!!

This is an eight years talent called Pepo Queró and this was his first time in front of a photographer’s camera.

What do you thing? We must contract him or not?



New editorial works coming

First of all, sorry for the big hiatus on the blog. Being father for first time is so absorbing. But I think I finally learnt how to do it while being a photographer at the same time, so please, expect more regular updates on the blog.

I started a new adventure as photographer, and from now I’ll publish regulary portraits on Lectura, a catalan sunday magazine. They will be the portraits that illustrate an interview.

Hope you enjoy them. I plan to have tones of fun making them.

I’ll keep you updated when the first nes will be published. For the moment, a pair of previews of the two sessions I made:

Bobby Cabral, a great portuguese chef stablished in Catalonia:

And the marist brother Ramiro, a retired wood worker with a nice business story. Probably a lot of the catalan readers of this studied using one of his chairs and tables.

Will show the portraits as soon as they will be published.

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Restaurant Benet

Here are some photos of a project I’m working in just now. These are some images of the great Restaurant Benet in Les Borges Blanques (Catalonia).


In the heart of the greatest olive oil of the world (made of arbequina olives), the young chef Francesc Xavier Benet makes a modern and exquisite cuisine very vinculated to his terrain and costumes. This is the second year that the Michelin guide recommends his restaurant.


We took a photo of a nice dessert made with wine in all the elements: biscuit-bread, jelly and sorbet.


My first communion

Cantó doing a first communion photo session? Is this possible? Is he mad?

Well. It’s true. I have made a first communion session today and these are the first images. What can I do if one of my favourite models asks me to photograph his first communion??? I explained to his family that I don’t make that kind of works but I was happy to do it this time.

I don’t know how photographers make the communions now, but I tried to do the photos that I never had when I was 9 years old.

I hope you forgive me the licence.